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Hockey Day In Canada!1

It is that special time of year again, folks – when CBC gets all grassroots and the Canadian NHL teams play against each other throughout the day and everyone gets drunk and eats moose meat.

Hockey Day in Canada.

In Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, it is no different – the Senators take on perhaps their fiercest Canadian rival, the New York Rangers, in a 2pm game. With just a single glance at the Eastern Conference standings, the magnitude of this all-Canadian match is realized – the Sens (51 points) and Rangers (53 points) are among literally thousands of teams vying for two wildcard spots. Madness. But beyond the standings and all that tangible stuff, lies what is truly at stake in this game on this day – Canadian hockey pride. The winner(s) get(s) all the Canadian pride, the loser(s) get(s) zero Canadian pride, and the loser point getter(s) get(s) some Canadian pride. Also, playing “the right way” like a “good Canadian kid” is important.


Enough with the preamble – get out there, grab a stick, grab a puck or a ball, make a net out of two piles of snow and let the bullets fly!

Personally, I’m going outside to shoot hard pieces 0f snow around for my dog to chase after. Then, of course, warm up with a steaming cup of hot Senators action!

Enjoy the day!


Canadiens @ Senators: Game Day Preview

There’s a game tonight.